• Let’s Explore Architecture

    While the official Architecture Day comes only once a year, everyone in the world makes use of architecture every day. Unlike other everyday things like food and clothing, we sometimes forget that shelters and other buildings don’t just “happen”: they are designed and built and even as we use them, we change them. Whether we […]

  • Wild about Wildlife

    Wild about Wildlife

    July is a wildly great time to celebrate wildlife! We’ve seen lots of pictures and reports about one side effect of social lockdowns in many locations giving urban dwellers more up-close visits by wildlife who generally steer clear of busy streets. Whether you’ve seen bears, coyotes, bunnies, turkeys, deer, or other wildlife up close lately, […]

  • Fresh Air Science Fun – and Giveaway!

    Fresh Air Science Fun – and Giveaway!

    Springtime offers so many inviting ways to explore and celebrate nature that we’ve decided to offer the chance to teachers and librarians to win a nature exploration picture book shelf!  The collection includes seven different books, one for each day of the week, and everybody can follow these links to the free web-based resources their […]

  • Let’s Grow More Girl Scientists!

    Let’s Grow More Girl Scientists!

    Today’s blog post was written by our Marketing Manager Emerson Heflin. February 11th draws attention to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Today, less than 30% of science researchers worldwide are women, so we could use the help of some inspiring picture books and novels to change the narrative and celebrate the women […]

  • Astronaut Annie Read to You by…an Astronaut! From Space!

    Astronaut Annie Read to You by…an Astronaut! From Space!

    Several months ago, we alerted you to the very exciting project Tilbury House Publishers, author Suzanne Slade, and illustrator Nicole Tadgell were quite literally launching courtesy of NASA’s Space Station Explorers Story Time from Space project. After Astronaut Annie was published, printed, a copy of it cleaned and packed into a delivery capsule to be […]