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Get lost in book! Rafa and the Wrong Legs will be published by Marble Press in September so get a sneak peek now through NetGalley. Written by by Angie Lucas and illustrated with a retro feel by Ana Sanfelippo, you’ll see the Rafa’s supermarket misadventure from his viewpoint. Having chased a bouncing berry while shopping with mama, Rafa wanders into a sea of unfamiliar legs. Will he ever find his way back to Mama?

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  • Illustrator Spotlight on Joaquín Camp

    This article is by publishing intern Mary Louise Whitfield

    When we think about books, it is usually written text that comes to mind. Reading is about words, right? However, in children’s picture book literature, visual storytelling plays an equal role in conveying a book’s message. In celebration of the visual language of children’s books, we highlight the work of author and illustrator Joaquín Camp.

    Joaquin Camp, illustrator and author, photo portrait

    Joaquín Camp is an artist and graphic designer from Buenos Aires and is known for his bold, whimsical illustrations. Camp studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Buenos Aires, where he later taught as a professor. He has worked with various publishing houses worldwide and was selected for the Bologna Book Fair Illustrators’ Exhibition in 2020. The same year, he also won the International Illustrated Picture Book Contest, organized by the Library Insular Gran Canaria. He currently lives in Madrid.

    We’d like to introduce you to his work for a variety of children’s book publishers–sometimes as author as well as illustrator through his new as well as his forthcoming titles featuring his art.

    The Robbery from Berbay Books
    The Robbery book cover

    The illustrations are the real treasure in this story of a robbery gone wrong. Thief 1, Thief 2, and Thief 3 decide to rob a bank by digging an underground tunnel. Things start smoothly, but the three thieves have trouble navigating to the bank and instead find themselves at a concert hall, a wrestling match, and even on a boat. After digging and digging, the thieves decide that they may already have all the treasure they need. A humorous adventure story, the illustrations provide a fun subplot that makes this picture book by Joaquín Camp a real gem.

    What’s in the Box? from Tiger Tales Books
    What's in the Box? book cover describing that it has lift the flaps and touch and feel

    This board book, written by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Joaquín Camp, takes the reader on an interactive journey featuring lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel elements. The text actively involves the reader, prompting them to guess what is in the box based on the illustrations and touch-and-feel elements peeking through. The playfully illustrated contents, ranging from a dozing dragon to a dancing unicorn, are revealed by lifting a flap. The story concludes with an uplifting message about the joy of reading, making it a perfect choice for fostering a young love of books.

    Aldo Ghost Dog from Tapioca Stories
    Aldo: Ghost Dog cover

    An incident with a clothesline turns Aldo into a ghost dog. At first, life is difficult as a ghost because he can’t see. But cutting some eye holes solves that problem. The real downside to being a ghost is separation from his true love—his red ball. Will Aldo be reunited with his favorite toy, or is he destined to be a ghost dog forever? This new title from Joaquín Camp cleverly captures a pet’s perspective and will delight readers with its humor and fun. Be sure to grab your copy this September.

    A Sleepless Night from Transit Children’s Editions
    A Sleepless Night cover showing cut-away interior of house

    Families with little ones will sympathize with the family and neighbors of baby Elisa, who will not stop crying despite the creative efforts of the exhausted building residents. After a sleepless night, it takes a grandmother’s touch—and an explosive fart—to bring much-needed relief. A Sleepless Night is a humorous tale by Micaela Chirif, translated by Jordan Landsman, and brought to life by the illustrations of Joaquin Camp. Be on the lookout for this title, too, in September.

    Joaquín Camp is a testament to the power of visual storytelling in children’s literature. His illustrations not only complement but enrich the stories they accompany. Always colorful and humorous, Camp’s books are a great addition to any bookshelf and are enjoyable for children and adults alike.You can see more of his illustration work at his portfolio site. That’s where our featured image can be found along with many other visual storytelling delights!

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