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Ellen Myrick, President and Chief Marketer

Ellen Myrick

Ellen Myrick has been working with children’s books, publishers, librarians, teachers, and professional conference exhibit promotions for more than 30 years. As a marketer, she knows the children’s book audience and how to match its interests in quality fiction, nonfiction, inclusive, and international choices from a stable of publishing clients, the mission of Publisher Spotlight. She has been a frequent moderator and presenter at book industry conferences including the Audio Publishers Association Conference, the American Library Association, and regional and state library and bookseller associations. Ellen has served on the boards of the Educational Paperback Association (now EBMA), the Audio Publishers Association, and the Women’s National Book Association, and has served as the Judging Chair for the Audie Awards.

Ellen and Stacey informal portraits

Stacey Ashby, Vice President of Operations

Stacey joined Publisher Spotlight shortly after the company was begun and focuses on the operational aspects of the business. She brings a retail management background, sunny smile ,and deep knowledge of the books to our conference exhibits as well as managing business details of the company. At home, Stacey is the devoted dog mom of three: Mia (the brains), Coco (the beauty and the brawn), and Lucky (the bark) while at Publisher Spotlight Ellen jokes that Stacey is both her left brain and right hand.  

Emma Schneider, Marketing Manager

A graduate of Belmont University’s Publishing program, Emma serves as Marketing Manager and coordinator of the Publisher Spotlight Instagram. With deep appreciation to her childhood teachers and librarians for fostering her passion for reading, she is devoted to amplifying the voices of independent publishers, and putting quality books into the hands of young readers.

Christina Moorehead, Publisher Liaison

Christina Moorehead fell in love with books at the age of 3 ½ and has only fallen deeper ever since. She has been an early childhood, kindergarten, Montessori, and ESL/EFL teacher for nearly 30 years in California and Japan. In addition to being a Publisher Spotlight Liaison, Christina is also the General Secretary for USBBY and Program Director for the Center for Teaching Through Children’s Books.

Rebecca Gibson, Publisher Liaison 

Rebecca Gibson has always known she was a “book person.” She has worked in libraries and other book-centric businesses. She’s an acro yoga teacher and an irisarian, and loves collaborating with our client publishers in title promotion. 

Izzy Krause, Publisher Liaison and Advertising Coordinator

Izzy Krause has always had a passion for sharing the magic of books. As a former elementary teacher, she made the pivot to the publishing industry. She spends her free time baking, adoring her English Bulldog, and chipping away at her TBR pile. 

Francisca Goldsmith, Consulting Librarian

Francisca Goldsmith has an extensive career in providing library services and managing library services and collections. She writes professionally in a broad number of categories. At Publisher Spotlight, Francisca manages our social media policies and efforts and contributes knowledge and awareness of the changing landscape of children’s literacy and access to reading options. Francisca has been both a member and chair of many youth book and media award juries and gives regular professional presentations at conferences and workshops.

Tracy Gallagher, Special Projects Librarian

Tracy Gallagher has been working with children’s books since she learned the alphabet, thanks to a librarian mother. Not considering any other careers seriously, she became a librarian herself and worked as a children’s librarian in both public and corporate settings. Now she helps independent publishers gain exposure to the library market through her work with Publisher Spotlight.

Josalyn Moran, Consultant

Josalyn, a former high school social studies teacher, bookseller, and publisher, comes to Publisher Spotlight after attending various national teacher conferences with the group. She has served on the boards of the Educational Paperback Association, the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, the Children’s Book Council, and Every Child a Reader. Her mission is to bring “more books to more kids.”

Heather Amie, Office Manager

Heather has been an avid reader since childhood. Being our in-house arts and crafts expert, she enjoys the fun and creativity that come with working in children’s books. As office manager, she assists Stacey in the day-to-day tasks, as well as handling materials for both conferences and awards.

Rhena Curran, Logistics Coordinator

Rhena has been an avid reader since childhood. Beginning her Publisher Spotlight career as an intern, as Logistics Coordinator she now manages the shipping and receiving of books in the office. She has always had a love for reading and is passionate about fostering a love of books in young readers everywhere.

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