Mooning Over Some New Books

This is article is by Publisher Spotlight’s Rhena Curran.

Happy National Moon Day and National Space Exploration Day! July 20th 2023 marks 54 years since the Apollo 11 mission during which Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. In honor of this – and the two supermoons coming next month – here are some of our favorite space-themed titles from our publishers! 

cover image for Little Moar and the Moon

Little Moar and the Moon from Inhabit Media is the perfect book for younger readers learning to overcome their fears and is a fun flip on the “man in the moon” – not quite a friendly face for Little Moar! We follow Moar on his journey home, hoping to make it there before the moon rises. But there are so many fun things for Moar to do, especially during his favorite season – fall! After stopping to play with his friends and help his cousin feed his dogs, Moar makes it home, where his mother explains that the moon’s “face” is actually caused by the bumps and shadows on the surface. Nevertheless, Moar is glad to have beat the moon home! 

cover image for Big Bangs and Black Holes

Big Bangs and Black Holes from Helvetiq is the perfect book for older readers with an interest in all things space. Take an adventure through time with Nobel Prize winner Michel Mayor to understand the secrets of the universe in this graphic novel. Meet some of history’s greatest physicists, including Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, on your learning adventure of some of the most important concepts humankind has ever studied. Learn about gravitational waves, the theory of relativity, and black holes in a kid-friendly way. This guide to the universe will explain some of the universe’s most complex ideas to impress every reader’s friends.

Cover image to How To Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto

If you’re looking for a more whimsical title, look no further than How to Teach Grownups About Pluto! This witty guide to Pluto’s discovery and demotion to dwarf planet from What On Earth Books puts kids in charge of teaching their grownups why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. 

cover image for How Do Satellites Stay in Space?

For young STEM enthusiasts, How Do Satellites Stay In Space? from Flowerpot Press is a great choice. With engaging illustrations by Srimalie Bassani and easy-to-understand explanations by author Jessica Taylor, readers can learn what information satellites collect, what happens once they get into space, and how they work. Written in question-and-answer format, this encourages readers to guess the answers before exploring the science behind the correct answer.  This title is filled with facts and figures, simple diagrams, and hilarious illustrations.   

cover image for Picnic Planet

If you could go anywhere beyond our galaxy for the perfect picnic, where would you go? In Picnic Planet from Creston Books, Asa Stahl, a National Science Teachers Association award-winner for his previous book The Big Bang Book, introduces readers to some of the fascinating exoplanets scientist have discovered. This is science at its most fantastical. What other worlds are out there? 

cover image to Sew Sister

And finally, coming this October from Tilbury House: Sew Sister! Did you know that the white material on the outside of space shuttles is neither metal nor glass but actually fabric? Specialized quilts, two inches thick, cover space shuttles and protect astronauts from deadly heat and radiation. A great title perfect for STEAM enthusiasts, readers learn about Jean Wright, one of the 18 “Sew Sisters” who have crafted these thermal blankets, mostly by hand, with incredible precision and skill. 

We hope these books spark your imagination and encourage you to reach for the stars – or the moon! And be sure to keep an eye out for the two supermoons coming in August: the Full Sturgeon Moon on August 1st, and the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon on August 30th

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