July 2020

  • Celebrate International Friendship Day with a Book—and a Friend, of Course!

    Celebrate International Friendship Day with a Book—and a Friend, of Course!

    When the United Nations first proclaimed July 30 as International Day of Friendship, the idea was to shine a spotlight on how “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.”  Nine years on, we certainly want to celebrate friendship’s power in today’s world. If you can visit […]

  • Wild about Wildlife

    Wild about Wildlife

    July is a wildly great time to celebrate wildlife! We’ve seen lots of pictures and reports about one side effect of social lockdowns in many locations giving urban dwellers more up-close visits by wildlife who generally steer clear of busy streets. Whether you’ve seen bears, coyotes, bunnies, turkeys, deer, or other wildlife up close lately, […]

  • World Listening Day

    World Listening Day

    While every day is a good day to listen here are some extra ideas for July 18, which is World Listening Day. Let’s start by exploring audiobook listening’s role in book enjoyment and literacy.  You can visit the Sound Learning APA initiative’s site for a wealth of research information about the effects of listening on […]

  • Picnic Days

    Picnic Days

    Several countries, towns, and neighborhoods around the world celebrate official Picnic Days in July. Even in a year when attending a big outdoor gathering might not work well, you can still have a variety of picnic events on a smaller scale.  Pack a basket or a paper bag, take a tablecloth or a towel to […]