Sound Learning

  • World Listening Day

    World Listening Day

    While every day is a good day to listen here are some extra ideas for July 18, which is World Listening Day. Let’s start by exploring audiobook listening’s role in book enjoyment and literacy.  You can visit the Sound Learning APA initiative’s site for a wealth of research information about the effects of listening on […]

  • Listening Is Reading – and June Is Audiobook Month

    Listening Is Reading – and June Is Audiobook Month

    We’re sure you value literacy. What do you know about the connections between listening and literacy?  June is a great time to explore them through audiobooks, and we have lots of new suggestions to set you on that adventure. The Audio Publishers Association’s Sound Learning initiative has updated both their visual display and the list […]

  • Learn All about Sound Learning

    Learn All about Sound Learning

    What do you really know about the power of listening? Maybe you’re an audiobook fan, maybe you believe listening to audiobooks is cheating, maybe you’ve not given much critical thought to how listening matters to literacy. The Sound Learning project provides a wealth of research, practical tools, and other guidance to help educators, librarians, and parents understand […]