We’re in This Together

From the moment conference cancellations trickled and then poured in across the past month, we at Publisher Spotlight have been working on alternative ways to reach librarians, teachers, and families with news and guidance from the world of kids publishing. This is a brief update to let you know we are thinking of all of you, our publishers, the authors, illustrators, narrators, and editorial staffs around the world who are part of the world we share.

In the next few weeks, we’ll announce some activities and online events to help everyone in their homes find new books and meet creatives from the publishing world in the safety of your own dwellings. We’d love to hear what you’d most like to discover in this online venue: author interviews, illustrator Instagram chats, Twitter discussions about themes in forthcoming kids’ books….just leave comments to help us shape experiences that are most useful and attractive to you. We’re already building out our Pinterest boards to get more title and activity ideas directly into your virtual hands.

For now, a bit of good news is today is the last day of winter (or the last day of summer for our Gecko Press friends in New Zealand). And here a snapshot from the last exhibit hoopla we were able to provide before the COVID-19 shutdown.

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