Pet (Book Collection) Giveaway!

Pet books giveaway

Fact, fiction, fantasy—all about pets…and we’re giving away more than half a dozen to the commenter who explains best how they are going to use them to promote responsible pet ownership in children’s lives.

The Dog PatrolThe Dog Patrol, by Rob Laidlaw and published by Pajama Press, has collected a pack of positive reviews. School Library Journal’s verdict is “Dog lovers will relish the rich detail and extensive photography in this engaging guide to canine care and advocacy.” Our verdict is this is the perfect choice for young readers who really want to do right by their new dog.  A peek at the teacher’s guide from the publisher will give you a good indication of the ways you might want to share this one.

What if the pet in your young reader’s life is feline rather than canine? Also from Pajama Press, Our New Kittens, by Theo Heras with warm, colorful illustrations by Alice Carter, takes a picture book approach Our New Kittens to providing “a good way to inform young children of the emotional and behavioral aspects, plus accountability, of what pet ownership entails,” as CM: The Canadian Review of Materials notes in its review. If picture books are your particular interest when it comes to sharing information about caring for a baby pet, you’ll be delighted to find we’re including Pajama Press’ My Puppy Patch, by Heras and Carter, too.

kamik-takes-the-leadAnother dog-themed picture book in this collection of pet books is the final episode in Inhabit Media’s stories about the sled dog Kamik.  In Kamik Takes the Lead, by Darryl Baker and illustrated by Ali Hinch, the puppy we first met four books ago is now preparing, with his human Jake, to run in his first dog race. The publisher notes, “Building on the dog-training practices outlined in Kamik Joins the Pack, Arviat, Nunavut, author and dog musher Darryl Baker shares with young readers the basic information needed to prepare a dog team for a race.”

Peachtree Publishing’s take on introducing picture book readers to information about dogs Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dognow includes Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog, by author and illustrator Lisa Papp.  This is the second title the publisher and creator have dedicated to showing the working lives of both therapy dogs and the children who give back to them. Explore the activities Peachtree has developed for them here.

All these dog-centric books underscore how many varieties of dogs, and dog personalities there are. That’s celebrated in full by Child’s Play with the picture book Milo and Monty, written and illustrated by Roxana de Rond.

Maybe the pet your young reader has in mind is bigger than a dog?  Also included in our prize pack are three volumes of “Pony Camp Diaries,” published by Tiger Tales. Megan and Mischief, Penny and Prince, and Chloe and Cookie, written by Kelly McKain, are chapter books for the equine-inclined.  The first pair of the three noted in the assortment are illustrated by Mandy Stanley while the third one includes a brilliant photograph of pony and girl.

Maybe your young reader can have a pony for a pet. However, everyone will recognize that the final book in our prize pack is sheer and delightful fantasy. From NubeOcho and written by José Carlos Andrés, illustrated by Ana Sanfelippo, and translated by Ben Dawlatly, Adopting a Dinosaur introduces us to some clever parents who know just how to respond to their child’s request for a pet dinosaur. “Humorous without a trace of snark, this Spanish import hatches just right,” says Kirkus Reviews.

What would you do with a pack of puppies, some kittens and ponies, and an adoptable dinosaur? Tell us in the comment section below by 26th August—which just happens to be National Dog Day.


Pet (Book Collection) Giveaway! — 7 Comments

  1. We would love to win adopting a dinosaur as our families are huge dinosaur fans. And through which we bring out the important conversation about responsible pet adoption. And as a book reviewer I would like to explore more such significant subjects.

  2. The only pets we’ve had are fish, but my kids bring up the fact that they’d love a bigger pet such as a dog or cat. This set of books would be great to help them learn about all the different responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

    • If you’re still looking for a book about the joys and pitfalls of pet ownership, The Pet Library, Grand Opening, is a new series of early reader chapter books that makes for a great reading adventure when a group of friends learn about a place called the Pet Library where they can “borrow” a pet. It’s funny and for ages 6-9.

  3. I always include a wide variety of books on pets in our classroom reading and would love to have these great ones for my classroom library. They would really help with meaningful discussions around pet ownership.

  4. Hmmmm what would I do with a pack of puppies, some kittens and ponies, and an adoptable dinosaur? It strikes me that (dinosaur aside) these are all perfect therapy animals and, given that we’re living in a pretty stressful time right now, I’d open a therapy cafe where folks could come for a cup of tea, cake and animal cuddles. If I could train the dinosaur to stay still perhaps he could be a slide for the teenies lol.

  5. My students all wanted to know if I had any pets at the beginning of the year, much to my own kiddos disappointment I had to say, “Only pet rocks!”. Reading this I can say next time that we have a menagerie . . . they just happen to reside in the book on our shelves!

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