Happy National Library Week!

In the US, it’s National Library Week, and we love our librarians! Many of you who follow us here work in libraries or are enthusiastic library users. Let’s celebrate libraries with a few good books–because that’s who we are (even though we recognize that, today, libraries are a lot more than “just books”).

Clive Is a Librarian coverJessica Spanyol’s board book Clive Is a Librarian, from Child’s Play, is our obvious first stop, both developmentally and in terms of straight identification. Clive demonstrates the variety of activities in which librarians take part, including making reading suggestions to visitors and arranging programming!

Library staff do engage in a wide and energetic range of Monkey on the Run covertasks. We think Gecko Press’s Monkey on the Run, by Leo Timmers, does a good job of capturing that pace and wide variation of activities! Library folks, take a break with this wordless wonder (which earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly) and we promise you’ll feel refreshed of humor as you run about your workday.

Absolutely Everything coverSince libraries are where we find authoritative information about just anything at all, Christopher Lloyd’s Absolutely Everything: A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots, and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention, published by What on Earth?, offers a sound reflection! Browse, skim, or plunge right in!

Thank you, libraries and library staff, for keeping the informational and literary lights on!

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