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Girl holding lotus position with display of My Mindful A to Zen, Strong Puppy, and Calm Bunny

Yoga for the Littlest Bookworms

International Yoga Day, celebrated annually on June 21st, is a global event dedicated to promoting the practice and benefits of yoga. As more people embrace this ancient discipline for its physical, mental, and emotional health benefits, the interest in introducing yoga to children has grown. Children’s books on yoga provide wonderful gateways for young minds […]

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Tree photo by Mandy Ross

Fifty Plus Years of Celebrating Earth Day

As we get ready to celebrate Earth Day, I think about how I can instill in my child a deep appreciation for the planet and its delicate ecosystems. As a children’s librarian I know one of the most effective ways to cultivate this awareness is through the power of children’s literature. Children’s books have the

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