November 2019

  • Books to Honor Adoption Awareness Month

    November’s call for adoption awareness makes it an excellent time to recall awareness to two of our favorite picture books that make adoption accessible to young readers who may not have familiarity with this mode of family building. And Thanksgiving week seems the right time of the month to make sure family get togethers include […]

  • Celebrate Children’s Book Week 2019 with Book Formats Less than 100 Years Old

    Although Children’s Book Week now marks a century of calling attention to the diversity and splendor of all that kids and caretakers can find on library and bookshop shelves, there are some great book formats that weren’t even around back in 1919–or even in 1929. It was just a year or two after 1929, however, […]

  • Curiosity Reigns in Titles for Older Kids During Children’s Book Week

    Curiosity Reigns in Titles for Older Kids During Children’s Book Week

    Books for kids in middle grades and into their tweens and early teens engage audiences by invoking curiosity. This occurs in both informational and imaginative narratives. And we’ve got some excellent suggestions to help independently reading kids celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week! Just this week, the national association that creates and […]

  • Praise-worthy Picture Books to Discover During Children’s Book Week

    Picture books can carry delightful and engaging content for many age groups. In our celebration of the 100 year of Children’s Book Week, we’re going to focus on brand new and still forthcoming picture books for preschoolers and those in primary school, and every one of them is a picture book unlike any you may […]

  • Children’s Book Week at 100: New Board Books Are Inclusive

    This week marks the 100th anniversary of America’s longest running literacy initiative: Children’s Book Week. We’ll bring you a slice of inspiration each day here, from Board books (today) through picture books, chapter books, middle grade and teen choices, graphic novels and audiobooks. There’s something new for everyone as we honor this century-old occasion. The […]