Welcoming the Year of the Pig

Dragon Dancer coverThe old lunar year is ending and a new year beginning this week. To celebrate, we’re sharing Lantana Publishing’s picture book, Dragon Dancer, by Joyce Chng with gorgeous art by Jérémy Pailler.

As Lantana’s editorial staff note:

There are many traditions, rituals, and festivities associated with Chinese New year, but among the most renowned are the lion and dragon dances. Dance troupes perform in shopping centers and around homes and restaurants to draw out the bad luck and replace it with good luck and prosperity for the coming year. The accompanying sounds of drums, cymbals, and firecrackers surrounding the dance troupes remind those gathered of the origin of the dances. It is said that long ago, a monstrous creature named Nian rampaged through a village in search of food, destroying everything in its path. It was only when the villagers began making loud noises with nearby items that Nian was finally frightened away and peace was brought back to the village.

Join the celebration!


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