Take Along some Listening on Earth Day!

cover-Will-AllenFor many of us, it’s been a long winter. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to get outside, and what better activity than to listen to some Earth-celebrating audiobooks while you walk or sit and enjoy the spring scenery!

Live Oak Media has a lot to offer to fit this bill!  We can start with Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table, a true story picture book Readalong celebrating a basketball star’s second career as a farmer…and worms!

Or how about Deep in the Swamp, celebrating the Okefenokee cover-Deep-in-the-Swampmarshland? Tom Chapin performs this one,as he does Out on the Prairie,featuring the
animals and plants of South Dakota’s Badlands, another natural Earth delight to celebrate today.

There’s plenty more to choose among, including Tortuga in Trouble, an animal tale sure to stretch your imagination.

So, drop what you’re doing and go outside and listen!

Happy Earth Day from all of us!

This was originally posted on our heritage blog PS We’re Reading on 22 April 2015

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