Share the Love of Reading This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and we have the perfect titles that show love in all its various forms! From parental and familial love to kind acts of friendship and community, we invite you to share the love of reading on February 14th and beyond.

Heartfelt gestures, as simple as a hug, smile, or helping hand, often convey feelings of love and appreciation that words can’t always express. Tiger Tales’ Love is in the Little Things, written by Stella J. Jones and illustrated by Jane Massey, is a celebration of all the ways we show our love to the most important people in our lives. In this story, a child and a bear are best friends; and even though one is big and the other is small, they find common ground as they play, sing, wish each other good night, and apologize after they have an argument. The little things they do together and for each other make up the meaningful friendship they share.

Young readers will adore a Valentine’s adventure with Clawdie, Spike, and Roary––the Tinysaurs! In The Tinysaurs Send Love, written by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Dean Gray, and also from Tiger Tales, the residents of Tinytown haven’t received any happy mail on Valentine’s Day. The trio jump into action trying to make everyone happy by sharing balloons, baking a cake, and giving flowers––but they run into all kinds of problems along the way. One idea from Clawdie just might save the day and restore joy back into the neighborhood!

“The world is full of little hearts. Each one a sign of love.

Some are found upon the ground. Some are up above.”

Little Hearts : finding Hearts in Nature by Charles Ghigna illustrated by Jacqueline East

A group of animal friends explore and discover the many “little hearts” that are found in nature in Red Comet Press’ Little Hearts. Rhyming stanzas by Charles Ghinga accompany Jacqueline East’s charming illustrations, reminding us to appreciate our surroundings and the beauty of the natural world.

All about the Heart by Dr Remi Kowalski Illustrated by Tonia Composta cover

For a more literal sense of love and hearts, pediatric cardiologist Dr. Remi Kowalski breaks down the inner workings of the circulatory system in All About the Heart. Does your heart really stop when you sneeze? Can it break? How does our heart compare to the heart of other creatures? Curious kids will find answers to all their questions in this nonfiction exploration. Tonia Composto’s quirky illustrations lend a lighthearted feel to the whimsical web of facts, making this book a wonderful resource for school, public, and home libraries.

A love of community is at the heart of Sam Sharland’s Valentine’s Guest House.  When a tiger comes to stay at Valentine’s hotel, the human visitors all check out in a rush. Luckily, the guest house starts to fill again––albeit with a very different collection of residents, all with differing needs. Elsie and Valentine make all sorts of accommodations for their new friends, resulting in a new, accessible guest house! This title from Child’s Play highlights diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Valentine's Guest House by Sam Sharland cover
El amor mas grande cover

Readers looking for Spanish titles can open their arms wide for NubeOcho’s El amor más grande, written by Megan Jacobson and Beck Feiner. This picture book expresses that nothing is bigger than the love a parent feels for their child. Journey through the different types of families: single-parent, homoparental, with several siblings, grandparents… and through the spaces where they live: their home, their neighborhood, their city, the world, the universe. No matter how big the place is, the love of families towards their sons and daughters is always bigger.

There’s no better way to share love than through the power of a good book, and we hope these joyful stories add to your Valentine’s Day celebrations!

Bonus: Come join us at Valentine’s Guest House any time!

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