Fun with Numbers


Pi Day (3/14) approaches, so bake a pie and pull up a good book that features more fun with numbers!

3 X 4 page spread

An award-winner from Toon Books, Ivan Brunetti’s 3 X 4  offers both a fun and fascinating look at multiplication that is accessible for readers as young as three. How many ways can you sort 12 things into even amounts?  You can use socks, spoons, or other common household objects to give the ideas here a spin. As the kids in the class show, paper and crayons work well, too!

Is 2 a Lot coverArriving soon from Tilbury House Publishers, Is 2 a Lot?, by Annie Watson and with hilariously detailed illustrations by Rebecca Evans, explores the concept that whether an amount is a lot or not depends on the particular “what” it is counting. Two pennies may not be a lot, but two skunks in your path? That’s a lot! In addition (get it?) to ever-increasing numbers, there’s a second story happening in the illustrations here. Does the patient mother explaining whether the number in question is lot (100 snowflakes, not so much, but 100 candles on a cake is a lot) know that the road trip she and her questioning child are taking is the opportunity for her car to fill with some of the examples she’s offering? Dinosaurs! Cowboys! A knight in shining armor!  A dog! People eating ice cream cones! That’s a lot of passengers!

Pass the Pandowdy, Please coverDo you need a pie recipe to put your new number sense to work on Pi Day? Pick up Tilbury House’s award winning Pass the Pandowdy, Please, by Eric and Abby Zelz. After your tour of foods eaten throughout history by a healthy variety of famous folk, you’ll find a recipe in the back of this book for Abraham Lincoln’s favorite pie, apple pandowdy. Happy measuring! And remember, no matter which round pie pan you use, the ratio of its circumference to it’s diameter will always be pi, or 3.14….

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