Children’s Book Week: Read All about It!

Whether you’re living in a house with a big back yard or a small apartment, this Children’s Book Week can help you expand your horizons.  With so many good new books arriving, even while most of us are staying in place, there’s plenty to celebrate.

From My Window, published by Barefoot Books, is Otávio Júnior’s picture book for older From My Window coverreaders, with gorgeously bright illustrations by Vanina Starkoff. Here’s a read that can inspire kids and adults alike to see the world beyond our window views with fresh eyes.

From My Window interior

The House of Madame MOver at Gecko Press, Clotilde Perrin’s newest picture book promises you may never see anyone’s house the same again! The House of Madame M is, well, let’s take a peek:

In the Sky at Nighttime

In the Sky at Nighttime, published by Inhabit Media, brings together Tamara Campeau’s lush, night-lit images with Laura Deal’s sleepy time verse for the very young.



In the Sky at Nighttime interior

NubeOcho Books has just published a free picture book for all of us unable to get out into the world right now! Download Jose Fragoso’s I Will Be Patient… right here.

HamletOlder readers in your household can take a staycation with Manga Classics, dipping into the terrors Edgar Allan Poe could evoke or goingTom Sawyer on endless adventures with Tom Sawyer.  Bookworms will delight in having a whole shelf of retold classics including tales from Shakespeare and romance from Charlotte Bronte! There’s plenty here to make time at home pass quickly.


A Trreasury of Scottish Castle TalesFloris Books has both picture books and novels for older readers that are great ways to mark Children’s Book Week, too. Author Theresa Breslin’s An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Castle Legends may be just the thing to browse if you’re feeling housebound. The large, detailed color illustrations by Kate Leiper will feed your imagination and maybe inspire some mural painting inside your own castle.

No matter where you’re spending this Children’s Book Week, there’s lots of companionship to be found in stories old and new. So stretch out, dig in, and read away the hours.


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