Celebrate Global Diversity Month…and Beyond

October may be Global Diversity Month; we think celebrating diversity in many ways is a year around need—and delight!  Among the many kinds of diversity our publishers bring to attention and celebration, some also have explicit days of recognition in October’s calendar:

October 4 marks World Animal Day. Of course, everyday can be a day for celebrating animal diversity on an international scale. Settle in with Tiger Tales Books’ Hello World: Animals, by Nicola Edwards with illustrations by L’Atelier Cartography, to get your appreciation flowing about both the animals and the diverse ways people around the globe name them.

Shadow, by Lucy Christopher and illustrated by Anastasia Suvorova, Lantana Publishing

Mental health comes in a variety of forms, too. While October 10 features World Mental Health Day, a good book can both improve mental health and introduce young readers to the importance of recognizing mental health as an asset that is experienced—and challenged—in diverse ways by individuals. 

What can be more diverse than how we make and experience art?  October 25 may be National Art Day; don’t limit your appreciation to just one day or just one art style. Of course, picture books are the perfect way to experience a diverse panoply of art styles and where is better to start than Gregory and Amy Newbold’s series of both insightful and hilarious art history books for the very young?

Today is National Immigrants Day and that is all about global diversity!  What stories can you tell about your family’s immigration story?

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