Breaking Bread for Food Literacy

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing TableThe little and powerful kids’ press From Readers To Eaters realizes its mission to encourage food literacy Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remixthrough an array of community-level activities. You can find a full catalog of their books, in English and Spanish, here. Part of their list features a series featuring “food heroes” including former basketball star Will Allen, a pioneer in urban gardening; and Roy Choi who revitalizes Los Angeles’ street food scene by introducing Korean food to the mix.

Readers To Eaters books are also available in audiobook format, through the excellent production work of Live Oak Media, so there are plenty of ways to turn your–and your children’s–attention to how food gets to our Alice Waters and the Trip to Delicious audiobooktables and why the processes of sustainable farming, healthy choices, and engaged preparation matter.

And now there is an expansion on this work through a free-to-view series sponsored by PBS: Broken Bread features the very food heroes of the books, now in conversation with each other. Watch From Seed to Table to meet Roy Choi in conversation with famed restauranteur and Edible Schoolyard founder Alice Waters.

Alice Waters and Roy Choi
Alice Waters and Roy Choi in Episode 2 of Season 2 of Broken Bread: From Seed to Table

Both Readers To Eaters and Live Oak Media have collected numerous national awards for their publishing work, including the Odyssey Award for best children’s audiobook production and the Sibert Award for best informational book for kids. Besides the awards, these books are just plain appetizing! Find out more about Readers To Eaters’ mission here.



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