Books for All of Us from All Around Our World

Una Huna What Is This coverWe expect North American readers are familiar with several of the publishers we bring to conferences. From Canada, there’s Pajama Press, for example, a publisher who has Small Things coverreceived acclaim from many associations and for a variety of areas of endeavor. Also from Canada, we bring Inhabit Media, the only wholly Inuit-owned publisher currently on the planet.

You know TOON Books, right? The New Yorker art editor Françoise Mouly founded this German Calendar No December coverpublishing company to give AmericanTOON Books kids the head start reading good comics that her native French experiences gave her. Did you know kids’ graphic novels come from Cassava Republic, too? They’re based in Abuja, Nigeria, with an office in London, too.

Manga Classics, at home in Hong Kong as well as Canada, offers older kids another level of visual book experience, with sensitive and artistic redo’s of Western classics in Asian comics-style storytelling.

Other Asian-rooted publishers in our circle include the London-based Lantana Publishing folks Cat's Egg coverYou're Safe with Me coverwith a rich catalog of Asian and Middle Eastern #OwnVoices books to share, and Karadi Tales, well known in its native India as an award-winning children’s book publisher. Tiny Owl, also housed in the United Kingdom, beings contemporary readers a rich and imagistic tradition of Asian and African picture books.

Cinderella of the Nile coverElmer's Walk coverYou’re sure to know Elmer the Elephant and thus Andersen Press. Other Britain-based books we’re Let's Explore Dinosaurs cover
happy to share with American kids come from the Scottish publisher Floris Books, with its Discover Kelpies and Little Kelpies imprints; Child’s Play with their award-winning multiracial, gender-neutral board books; and Cicada Books with their beautiful picture books  Rosa Loves Cars coverNight Windows cover
and high concept, readily accessible activity books. What On Earth Books is also British, giving kids around the world the delight of unfolding and exploring enormous timelines. Maverick Books may be new to you: get ready to smile and laugh as you discover all they offer!Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches cover

Gilda the Giant Sheep coverOn the European Continent, a pair of excellent publishing resources we’re delighted to bring American kids come from France’s Auzou and Spain’s NubeOcho.

Shh! I'm Reading coverCloser to home, we have Tiger Tales, including their 360 Degree imprint of picture books for older readers, and Tilbury House, offering award winning books for a variety of ages, from Maine. Flowerpot Press has a wide variety of picture books we see, and Barefoot Books publishes books, audiobooks, and story-based games and activities, too.

Speaking of audiobooks, we’re delighted to work with Live Oak Media,Before She was harriet audiobook cover a frequent winner in children’s book recording. And another specialized area of publishing among our publishers is graphic novels and comics, including Diamond Bookshelf clients Lion Forge, Image Comics, and more.

Rivers coverBut wait! Let’s go further from home yet! Gecko Press, at home in New Zealand, is a frequent winner in many readers’ eyes. And we’ve just started working with the travelingest of How Cities Work coverthem all: Lonely Planet Kids. Drop by and see us all, wherever we travel, or on our website and social media channels.





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