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For book enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like the thrill of finding a captivating new tale, allowing imaginations to run wild and curiosity to have no bounds. With the help of NetGalley, educators, librarians, and bookworms can nurture their love for children’s literature, thanks to its virtual wonderland specifically designed for book lovers to discover new and upcoming titles. It’s a vibrant collection of fresh new stories, a community filled with readers and reviewers, and its ever-growing and changing library of titles will keep readers hooked.

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NetGalley is an online platform that serves as a digital catalog and distribution platform for advance reader copies (ARCs) of upcoming and backlist titles, allowing the NetGalley community to request, read, and review. Members have the ability to use NetGalley for free to read new books before they are published, review on the site, and share with their community. Librarians and teachers use this rich resource for early awareness of upcoming additions to make for their collections. For publishers, NetGalley is a wonderful way to generate buzz, receive feedback, accumulate reviews, and discover early trends within the publishing industry. Publisher Spotlight hosts 25 books on NetGalley at a time, sharing titles from many wonderful international independent publishers. We host a range of books, from board books through young adult, highlighting diverse topics, creators, and themes. Keep reading to discover some of the fresh and engaging books you can find on our NetGalley page!

El chef Roy Choi y su remix de la comida callejera cover

El chef Roy Choi y su remix de la comida callejera (Readers to Eaters) is the Spanish edition of the award-winning picture book biography about Chef Roy Choi, who began the food truck revolution. This nonfiction picture book for readers 7-11 shares chef Roy Choi’s story, highlighting his Korean culture, the influence Los Angeles street food played, and his journey to finding his passions. 

The Girl Who Fell to Earth (Little Island Press), written by the newly-appointed Children’s Literature Laureate of Ireland (na nÓg) Patricia Forde, is a gripping middle-grade novel, and a great pick for fantasy- and science fiction-lovers. Aria lives on a well-ordered planet where people have eradicated illness and death. Earth is their “shadow planet,” which they populated with humans centuries ago so they could study and learn from their experiences. Now, the experiment is coming to an end and Aria must go to Earth with her scientist father to set off a train of events which will destroy its people. Brought up to believe that humans are inferior, Aria is shocked to discover that she herself is half human and she’s amazed to find that Earth-dwellers live life to the fullest. Even though they are mortal, they feel love for each other. 

The Girl Who Fell to Earth cover

The Year My Life Turned Upside Down (Arctis Books) takes readers into the diary of 14-year old Franny as her life is being completely changed, and not for the better! Young adult audiences will love the wit and fabulous illustrations when they join Franny as she moves from the only life she has known, in Montreal, with her father to a small town with an aunt she never knew existed so her dad can pursue his research dreams in Japan. In her new home, she will have to adapt to a new school, and new friends, discovering hidden truths about her parents, and her mother’s death.

The Year My Life Turned Upside Down cover
If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It cover

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It: How 25 Inspiring Individuals Found Their Dream Jobs  (Pajama Press) is a full-color nonfiction picture book that shows the professional lives of 25 diverse individuals and how each one finds a job they love. Uncover how professionals became interested in their field, how they studied or trained for it, and their experience in their career. From a human rights lawyer to a cake designer to a marine biologist to a professional video game player, there’s a job for every interest! Boxes of information introduce others who have the same job, job-specific vocabulary, and spin-off jobs, as well as some ideas about work of the future. Tween readers and adults will love learning about the many different careers that are available to them.

Tree Whispers (Child’s Play Int.) was recently featured on NetGalley’s homepage, making it a perfect way to gain more visibility from NetGalley community members! This book of poems for readers aged 4-7 explores the relationship between humans and trees in the modern world. Children will find many ways to gain a deeper understanding of nature, from accurate depictions of trunk rings and seed pods to guides for imaginative tree-naming and making land art out of sticks and leaves. Indeed, there is something for everyone. Flat-style art shows animals, humans and trees in harmony around the world, perfect for learning about environmental impact and developing a love of the great outdoors. 

Tree Whispers cover

NetGalley has proven to be an invaluable platform for book enthusiasts, and includes some audiobook offerings, too. With a vast collection of fresh and engaging titles, this virtual library makes it a hub for discovering and sharing captivating stories. With its proven ability to generate buzz, accumulate reviews, and connect publishers with eager readers, NetGalley has become an essential tool within the publishing industry. So, dive into the virtual pages of Publisher Spotlight’s NetGalley page and find the next great book for you!

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