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Happy National Library Week!

National Library Week leaderboard 2019

In the US, it’s National Library Week, and we love our librarians! Many of you who follow us here work in libraries or are enthusiastic library users. Let’s celebrate libraries with a few good books–because that’s who we are (even though we recognize that, today, libraries are a lot more than “just books”). Jessica Spanyol’s board book Clive Is a Librarian, from Child’s Play, is our obvious first stop, both developmentally and in terms of straight identification. Clive demonstrates the variety of activities in which librarians take part, including making reading suggestions to visitors and arranging programming! Library staff do … Continue reading

Let’s Hear It for Multilingual Board Books!

amazing Me! Dressing Up/Me disfrazo interior

Language is the marvelous attribute and skill that helps bind us together in relationships between individuals and across whole cultures. Being able to use more than a single language expands our capacities to: Consider other people’s perspectives Learn even more languages Improve problem solving skills Become better aware of our surroundings Learning language from the start through exposure to multiple languages can provide lifetime benefits. If you don’t know multiple languages yourself, you can get a boost from a variety of multilingual board books to support exposing your baby to the many ways people around the world greet each each … Continue reading

Inclusive Board Books for Every Bunny

Baby Play book cover

What better way to celebrate World Down Syndrome Awareness Day  than with bright new board books from two different publishers! Both Child’s Play and Barefoot Books have new board book series inclusively featuring energetic and engaged toddlers. There are kids wearing glasses, kids of African heritage and Asian heritage, books in Spanish as well as English, and books with kids who have Down Syndrome. From Child’s Play, a brand new series of board books includes a little finger puppet in each title, durably bound to the back and poking through dye cuts on each page as well as the cover. … Continue reading