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Meet the Authors

A Polar Bear in the SnowMac Barnett and Shawn Harris
Author and Illustrator
A Polar Bear in the Snow
Candlewick Press

What could be harder to see than a polar bear in the snow? Lifelong buddies Mac and Shawn tell us about their new book and the story behind the art.

Cecily Kaiser
Editor and Publisher
Penguin Workshop/Rise
Publisher and editor extraordinaire Cecily Kaiser gives us a peak inside her first list with her own imprint, Rise which is specifically for children ages 0-5.

Rosa's Big Pizza ExperimentJessica Spanyol
Rosa’s Big Experiment series
Children’s Play

Join author/illustrator Jessica Spanyol as she tells us about her new series of transitional STEM books featuring the ever-popular Rosa.

Little Blue House Beside the SeaJo Ellen Bogart
Little Blue House Beside the Sea
Tilbury House

Jo Ellen Bogart talks about her book Little Blue House Beside the Sea.

It Is (Not) PerfectAnna Kang and Christopher Weyant
Author and Illustrator
It Is (Not) Perfect
Two Lions

The team who created the Geisel-winning You Are (Not) Small, is back with another tale of the two furry friends.

Maria Russo
Fresh from her stint as the Children’s Book Review Editor at The New York Times, Maria Russo is now helming this beloved independent publisher. We’ll deep into minedition with Maria as our guide.

This Raindrop Has a Billion Stories to TellLinda Ragsdale
This Raindrop Has a Billion Stories to Tell
Flowerpot Press

What is the big story behind this small raindrop? The author of The Peace Dragon dives into this nonfiction narrative about an amazing element.

The Thing About BeesShabazz Larkin
The Thing About Bees
Readers to Eaters/Live Oak Media

Shabazz Larkin talks about his book and audiobook The Thing About Bees.

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Read it Now! Digital Books

Grades K-2

What About Worms!?
What About Worms!? (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!)
By Ryan T. Higgins
Tiger unwittingly helps some worms overcome their fear of tigers with a well-placed, informative book, but will a wormy hug aid a fearful Tiger?

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Grades K-2

COVID-19 Helpers
COVID-19 Helpers
By Beth Bacon
John F. Blair
Here’s a book that provides children honest yet positive information about Coronavirus (Covid-19). COVID-19 Helpers gives kids the facts of the pandemic, but also offers hope. Mr. Rogers said that when things get scary, “Look for the helpers.” Likewise, this story reassures children and parents that many people from all walks of life–including kids themselves–are helping to fight the virus.

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Grades K-2

Most Days
Most Days
By Michael Leannah and Megan Elizabeth Baratta
Tilbury House
This is a book about mindfulness. About relishing the magic of the here and now. About enjoying the extraordinary unfolding of an ordinary day. Moving from morning to night, the narrator becomes, by turns, boy or girl, of ever-changing ethnicity and ability, inhabiting the city, country, or suburb. They are all children everywhere, opening themselves to the gift of time.

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Booth Walkabout
Missing the booth walkabout experience? Join Ellen Myrick as she shows off some of the gems in our virtual booth, as captured in our Nashville, Tennessee office.

Board Books

Social Emotional Learning

Free Resources NAEYC 2020
Kidlit TV at home

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Book Buzz
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Staff Picks

Tracy Gallagher, Special Projects Librarian

Tracy Gallagher
Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story
Arithmechicks Take Away: A Math Story
By Ann Marie Stephens, illustrated by Jia Liu
Boyds Mills Press
What appears to be just a cute story about a Mama Hen, her ten chicks, and friend mouse is actually a sophisticated explanation for parents on how children learn subtraction in today’s world. Hidden inside the illustrations are examples for various methods of subtraction such as number bonds, decomposing numbers, and using ten frames. Don’t know what these are? The last page of the book explains them in easy to understand terms. Additionally, the plot itself is just a fun to read story for littles. I sure wish this book had been around when my child started kindergarten!
Duck & Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers
Duck & Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers
Written and illustrated by Julia Woolf
This slice of childhood hits true to home. Well. At least our home. We love to go camping as a family and our backyard was a favorite location in the beginning. Not only did it provide for easy access to indoor plumbing, but it also allowed us to crawl into comfortable beds if the weather turned on us. More than once we had to go back the next morning to clean up and bring in some friends of our child (Bear and Tiger in our case). And he was always convinced they had a great time!

Carrie Oliva, Logistics Coordinator

Carrie Oliva
Band Together
Band Together
By Chloe Douglass
Magination Press
Chloe Douglass shares a gentle, amusing story of Duck, a musician and self-described loner who finds it overwhelming to make new friends. With some reflection and a bit of determination, Duck works through his doubt and anxiety to help others, form new friendships, and participate in an exciting on-stage performance with The Band. The band-inspired endpapers are delightful and I think anyone who’s experienced feelings of shyness or social anxiety will likely identify with Duck in this encouraging and heartwarming tale.

Zoom Space Adventure
Band Together
By Susan Hayes, Illustrated by Susanna Rumiz
What On Earth Books
In this well-constructed board book full of enticing die-cuts and one supernova pop-up page, young Ava imagines going on a spectacular (and educational) journey through space with her cat, and even makes a stop to deliver supplies and repair a solar panel on the International Space Station. I know young readers will be thrilled to participate in this story as a read-aloud, help count down as Ava’s rocket ship blasts off, and use their imaginations to join in her adventure!

Jamie Schmitt, Marketing Manager

Jamie Schmitt
Pride 1, 2, 3
Pride 1, 2, 3
By Michael Joosten, illustrated by Wednesday Holmes
Simon & Schuster
Learn about counting and the LGBTQIA+ community in this wonderful board book. It’s never too early to start introducing little ones to the inclusive world they live in, and Pride 1, 2, 3 is a great book to start them on their journey. Count to ten with this this colorful and energetic book full of a diverse cast and inclusive families while sharing your pride for the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Thing About Bees
The Thing About Bees: A Love Letter
By Shabazz Larkin, narrated by Shabazz Larkin
Readers to Eaters/Live Oak Media
Shabazz Larkin writes and illustrates overflowing with love for his family and bees in this wonderfully engaging and informative picture book. The Thing About Bees introduces children to the world of bees, discovering different kinds of bees, “how not to get stung,” and how to not fear something we don’t completely understand.

Francisca Goldsmith, Consulting Librarian

Francisca Goldsmith
Tummy Time Friends
Tummy Time Friends
By Pat Brisson
Tilbury House
What’s better than a board book for baby? A board book with inclusive photos of babies enjoying tummy time floor exploration. And it folds out so baby can see all the babies and copy their timmy time fun, too!

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