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Welcome to the Publisher Spotlight Montessori Event Showcase! From author interviews to digital downloads, from free guides to staff picks, you’ll discover a range of resources for new books sure to enlighten and engage your students.

Montessori 2022 Meet the Authors

Claire Laties Davis
150 First Words
(Merriam-Webster Kids)

Claire E. Laties-Davis MS, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist who works with toddlers and their parents on early speech development. Listen as she gives us a tour of this multi-layered first words book that meets children where they are.

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Motomitsu Maehara
Ocean Animals
(Blue Dot Kids Press)
Motomitsu’s collage artwork has won awards all over the world and is now featured in the new “Words of the World” board book series that features the animal and plant names in six languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Esperanto, French, Hindi, Spanish.

Reem Faruqi
I Can Help!
(Eerdmans Books for Young Readers)

A kind-hearted child helps a classmate and then lets herself be drawn away by her peers. Based on her own childhood, Reem Faruqi (Lailah’s Lunchbox) shares a story that models true friendship.

Kathryn Otoshi
Lunch Every Day
(KO Kids Books)

A boy takes another kid’s lunch when unexpected kindness turns his life around. Based on a true story. (Ages 4-8)

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Montessori 2022 Read It Now

What Are Words, Really?What Are Words, Really?
By Alexi Lubomirski and illustrated by Carlos Aponte
(Candlewick Press)
Ages 3-7
A renowned photographer and a Pura Belpré Honor–winning illustrator join forces for a playful and stylish picture book that’s destined to make the world a better place, one word at a time. Perfectly pitched to the youngest child, Alexi Lubomirski’s whimsical text is a gentle reminder that words have power—the power to hurt or to heal, to make someone feel small or feel tall. An eye-catching appeal to our better natures, this inspired meditation on the purpose and power of words encourages children to choose them well—and use them wisely—to spread kindness, joy, and love.

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Our World Is a FamilyOur World Is a Family
By Miry Whitehill, Jennifer Jackson, and illustrated by Nomar Perez
Ages 3-7
We’re all one big family, no matter where you’re from! Dive into this uplifting picture book and learn how to welcome neighbors into your community—particularly when they might be far from home.

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What Can I Do? Inspiring Activities for Creative KidsWhat Can I Do? Inspiring Activities for Creative Kids
By Mary Richards
(Agnes & Aubrey)
Ages 5-10
This illustrated reference book of activities mixes learning, craft and creative play. The easy-to-follow activities such as “Invent a Dance” and “Make a Museum” lend themselves to lesson plans, library programs, and even rainy day activities at home On each page, there are lists of what you’ll need, tips for getting started, and ideas for making the most out of the task you’ve chosen. As you read through, you’ll discover new facts on every page. Most of the activities can be done indoors, but there are plenty of ideas for outdoor fun, too. All you’ll need to get started is a pencil and paper – and a lot of imagination.

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I Begin With Spring: The Life and Seasons of Henry David ThoreauI Begin With Spring: The Life and Seasons of Henry David Thoreau
By Julie Dunlap, illustrated by Megan Elizabeth Baratta
(Tilbury House)
Ages 6-9
I Begin with Spring weaves natural history around Thoreau’s life and times in a richly illustrated field notebook format that can be opened anywhere and invites browsing on every page. Beginning each season with quotes from Thoreau’s schoolboy essay about the changing seasons, I Begin with Spring follows him through the fields and woods of Concord, the joys and challenges of growing up, his experiment with simple living on Walden Pond, and his participation in the abolition movement, self-reliance, science, and literature.

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Animals MoveAnimals Move
By Jane Wittingham
(Pajama Press)
Ages 2-4
Calves swim, / Hatchlings bounce, / Porcupettes nibble, / Kittens pounce. Story time is on the move with this multilayered concept book. Preschoolers will enjoy learning fun baby animal names from echidna “puggles” to whale “calves,” and they’ll revel in using their bodies to mimic the movements each animal makes. Bright photographs give a close-up look at every kitten, cygnet, and foal, as well as young children who are pouncing, snuggling, and racing alongside them. The rhyming text teaches young minds pattern recognition for language learning and reading readiness, and a closing spread of enriching, age-appropriate activities keeps the learning going.

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Outside You NoticeOutside You Notice
By Erin Alladin, illustrated by Mary Blinick
(Pajama Press)
Ages 3-7
“The detailed text and varied images immerse readers in the feeling of being outside, fully attentive and relaxed. Readers will be encouraged to explore natural settings and observe the creatures in them as well as the experiences within their own bodies. The illustrations use soft coloring, varied perspectives, and active characters to great effect, pulling observers into the worlds of plants, animals, and the people who love them. This lovely book is more than the sum of its parts. (Informational picture book. 4-9) “–Kirkus Reviews
“This exploration of the outdoors is fit to use for budding biologists.”–School Library Journal

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Montessori 2022 Audio

5-Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime
5-Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime: 30 Amazing Stories: Featuring frozen frogs, King Tut’s beds, the world’s biggest sleepover, the phases of the moon, and more
Narrated by Joann Lumley
(Britannica Books)
Grades K-3

“What better way to induce drowsiness in young pillow plumpers than short, fascinating introductions to the bedding-down behavior of creatures?"—Kirkus Reviews (Ages 5-8)

Montessori 2022 Listen Now

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Montessori 2022 Resources


The People's Painter
The People’s Painter: How Ben Shahn Fought for Justice with Art
Beyond the Book with Evan Turk


I Am Courage
I Am Courage
Activity Pages


Child of the Flower-Song People: Luz Jiménez, Daughter of the Nahua.
Meet the Author: Gloria Amescua: Listen now.
Gloria Amescua introduces and shares some of the backstory for creating Child of the Flower-Song People: Luz Jiménez, Daughter of the Nahua.


Somewhere Teacher Tips Card: Download pdf
Montessori Catalog from Candlewick Press: Browse here

Child’s Play

Rosa's Workshop: Rosa’s Big Sunflower Experiment
Rosa’s Workshop Series by Jessica Spanyol
This series of experiment-driven STEM sturdy books provides plenty of examples for ways children can practice purposeful writing, as well as inspiring a lifelong interest in STEM subjects.
Find activities here

Holiday House

Bright Star

Bright Star by Yuyi Morales
Event Kit: Download kit.
Educator’s Guide: Download guide.

Pajama Press

A Sky-Blue Bench
A Sky-Blue Bench
By Bahram Rahman illustrated by Peggy Collins
It’s Afghani schoolgirl Aria’s first day back at school since her accident. She’s excited, but she’s also worried about sitting on the hard floor all day with her new prosthetic “helper-leg.” Just as Aria feared, sitting on the floor is so uncomfortable that she can’t think about learning at all. She knows that before the war changed many things in Afghanistan, schools like hers had benches for students to sit at. If she had a bench, her leg would not hurt so much. The answer is obvious: she will gather materials, talk to Kaka Najar, the
carpenter in the old city, and learn to build a bench for herself.
Grades 1-3
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Pajama Press

This Is the Boat That Ben Built
This Is the Boat That Ben Built
By Jen Lynn Bailey, illustrated by Maggie Zeng
Grades K-3
This is the Boat That Ben Built is a compelling entry point for conversations about ecology, food webs, and species diversity. Ben’s excursion—watched from the shore by his mother and faithful dog—is an outdoor adventure pitched perfectly for kids who dream of independence and exploration, parents who value safety and loving supervision, and educators who seek engaging fiction enriched with information.

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Peachtree Publishing Company

Bird Show
Bird Show
By Susan Stockdale
Grades P-3
Bird Show features a variety of fashionable feathered creatures―from the Mandarin Duck and the Grey-Crowned Crane to the Royal Flycatcher and Golden Pheasant. Their feathers may be simple and solid or speckled, striped, or spotted. They may “wear” a jacket, a scarf, an apron, a headdress. And just like people, each one contributes to our beautiful world, made more vibrant by their diversity.

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Simon & Schuster

The Welcome ChairThe Welcome Chair
By Rosemary Wells, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
Grades K-2

In this story based on true events, a treasured wooden chair is passed down from family to family, with each new owner carving the word “welcome” in a new language.

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All the Way to the Top
All the Way to the Top
How do you change someone’s mind?” As a child who uses a wheelchair, Jennifer faces obstacles, from curbs that are like “a cliff” to exclusionary classmates. But “Jennifer knows they’re wrong. She’s just a friend waiting to happen!” In clear, accessible prose accompanied by Ali’s creamily textured digital illustrations, Pimentel relates the story of Jennifer Keelan-Chaffin’s activism in the disability rights movement, culminating in the Capitol Crawl on Mar. 12, 1990. Alongside adult activists with disabilities, Jennifer hauled herself up the steps of the U.S. Capitol to advocate for passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, after which Congress at long last passed the bill. Supplemental material contextualizes the disability rights movement, offering a jumping-off point for conversations: “Anyone can choose to be an activist, no matter your age.”–Publishers Weekly
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What Can You Do with a Rock?
What Can You Do with a Rock?
With a bit of geology, a bit of psychology, and a lot of fun, the author and illustrator give us a small active person of indeterminate gender and neutral pronouns in the text (and longish flippy blue hair in the illustrations), who delightedly progresses from kicking rocks, to picking them up, to skipping, dropping, sorting, studying, creating with them–and finally, using them as a stepping stone to friendship. Harking back to such gems as A Hole Is to Dig, this book in its final pages provides a quick intro to geology and some further reading, with both fiction and nonfiction suggestions…VERDICT A winning blend of science, playfulness, and the warmth of personal connections, with lively, engaging illustrations, this book deserves rock-star status–School Library Journal starred review

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Tilbury House

The Arabic Quilt: An Immigrant Story

Arab American Book Award 2021 winner; Children’s Africana Book Awards 2021 Honor book ; Charlotte Huck Award 2021 recommended book; SLJ Starred Review
The story of how a beautiful quilt helps a Muslim girl from Egypt find acceptance in an American school.
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What on Earth Books

It's Up to Us: Building a Brighter Future for Nature, People & PlanetIt’s Up to Us: Building a Brighter Future for Nature, People & Planet
By Christopher Lloyd
It’s Up to Us is based on the Terra Carta, a roadmap to sustainability issued by Prince Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative. The story explains in lyrical text how Nature operates in a world without humans. It then shows the damaging impact People have had on the Planet. It finishes by proposing a series of new pledges that we can all make – a Terra Carta – to help solve the problems. Created for the Glasgow climate conference, this illustrated picture book features the work of 33 illustrators from around the world.
Find short videos by each of the illustrators as they talk about the project, their inspiration, and how they created their contribution.

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Montessori 2022 Staff Picks

Ellen Myrick, Chief Booktalker

Ellen Myrick
I’ll Take Care of You
I’ll Take Care of You
By Maria Loretta Giraldo, illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle, Translated by Johanna McCalmont
Blue Dot Kids Press
Ages 3-7
The interconnectedness of things are lyrically explained and delicately illustrated in this Italian import. A seed is dropped by a bird, nurtured by the elements and eventually grows into a tree, that shelters a bird and its nest. A subtle message of our responsibility to each other on this shared planet brings a sense of community, while solid science provides a sturdy foundation. Blue Dot Kids Press prints all of their books in a sustainable model, proving that they are taking care of the planet, too.

Christina Moorehead, Montessori Consultant

Christina Moorehead
Pizza in His Pocket
Pizza in His Pocket
Written by Zain Bhikha, illustrated by Natalia Scabuso
Kube Publishing
Ages 2-7
“Appreciating the good things we have and sharing what we have with others are character-nurturing concepts that can be introduced to children even as young as 3 years of age–as can the idea that these concepts are valued across many different beliefs and cultures. Pizza in His Pocket is a bright and delightfully delicious tale of an Islamic boy who loves to eat food from all over the world, but soon realizes that not everyone is as lucky as he is. This story-with-a-message is a perfect read-aloud (or sing-along with the available Youtube video by author Zain Bhikha) for young Islamic children, AND can be a gentle first-introduction to Islam for non-Islamic children as well. But be aware: you will probably need a snack after following this food-loving tot on his edible global travels!”

Montessori 2022 Featured Publishers

Abrams ◆ Agnes and Aubrey ◆ Albatros ◆ Blue Dot Kids Press ◆ Candlewick ◆ Child’s Play ◆ DK ◆ Eerdmans ◆ Floris Books ◆ Groundwood ◆ Holiday House/Peachtree ◆ Macmillan ◆ Magination Press ◆ Merriam-Webster Kids ◆ Pajama Press ◆ Quarto ◆ Readers to Eaters ◆ Red Comet Press ◆ Simon and Schuster ◆ Sourcebooks ◆ Tiger Tales ◆ Tilbury House ◆ What on Earth/Britannica Books

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