Kiss, Kiss, by Jennifer Couelle, illustrated by Jacques Laplante (Pajama Press, 2015)

Kiss Kiss coverWhat the book’s about

 Kiss, Kiss explores kisses and all their many forms and functions. Little kisses and big kisses, hello kisses and goodbye kisses, booboo-fixing kisses and flying kisses are just a sampling. The energetic text, bold illustrations, and topic make this a fun read for readers ages 3-7.

Three Activities and a Jumpstart

Activity 1: Sealed with a Kiss for ages 3-7

Kids make valentines for people they love and seal them with a kiss.


  • Colored construction paper, card stock, or drawing paper
  • Envelopes (various sizes)
  • Markers or crayons
  • Stickers and other fun decorations


Discuss Valentine’s Day as a holiday when North Americans show their love for those close to them, including parents, friends, and teachers. After reading the book together, provide the supplies and suggest that each child make one valentine for someone special, for whom she or he would want to seal the envelope with a kiss.

Activity 2: Love Poem for ages 4-7

Kids  write (or dictate) love poems to parents or others they love.


  • Lined paper or drawing paper
  • Pencils, crayons, or markers


After reading the book, ask children to share a list of characteristics about the different people they love. Introduce the idea of writing love poems by sharing some found here; read them aloud for more inspiration for the young love poets. Then invite them to create their own poetry using their lists of characteristics of the people they love.

The poems can be displayed, placed in the envelopes with the valentines, or sent to someone else other than the valentine recipient.

Activity 3: Hug, Hug for ages 4-7

Using the book for inspiration, make a new one about hugs.


  • Large drawing paper
  • Markers or crayons


After reading the book together, talk about different kinds of hugs and help the kids list them. Ask volunteers to take one type from the list apiece to illustrate. Put the illustrations together, along with any comments kids want to add to discuss the types of hugs t to create a group Hug, Hug book.

Place the group’s book in the same area where other browsing books are displayed so that members of the group, and their families, can see Hug, Hug among the other books.

Jumpstart Activity: How to Say I Love You

After reading the book, ask kids to brainstorm ways to show love. Stand in a circle and ask one child to start the activity by naming one way to show love. (Give examples of doing or saying nice things for people, etc. if needed.) Go around the circle and ask each child to name a different way to demonstrate love. See how many different ways the group can imagine.