Blogs We Follow

We draw insights and guidance from a wide range of sources including these online publications maintained by noteworthy children’s literature commentators and critics:

Celebrate Picture Books  Kathy Carroll and Dorothy Levine offer connections between picture books and celebrations of all sizes and sorts

The Children’s Hour  Home-centered literacy is promoted through information about reading development throughout childhood and ways to practice and enjoy it within the family

Fuse8Production logo

Fuse 8 Production Librarian Betsy Bird’s dynamic blog with its critiques, praise, application ideas, and more is currently hosted on School Library Journal’s website

Happily Ever Elephants

Happily Ever Elephants Reviews and booklists by topic are provided by parent Lauren Bercuson to guide other parents to excellent title for intentional reading

Living Barefoot Semi-weekly posts by educators and professionals in affiliated fields offer engaging information about child development, books, and book-inspired activities

Matthew C. Winner School librarian, media teacher, and podcaster Matthew C. Winner’s blog covers authors, provides author interviews, and features occasional “best of” lists

A Mighty Girl logo

A Mighty Girl  Carolyn Danckaert and Aaron Smith pursue their interests in public policy and technology through a robust source collecting pro-girl and girl=power books for all kids

Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf Alexander Fernández-Pons and his team of culturally diverse children’s media reviewers provide informed and critical responses to materials for a wide range of age groups and publishing in various media formats

Motherly Wide-ranging advice from and for parents comes from an equally broad range of commercial partners

100 Scope Notes  Elementary school librarian Travis Jonker discusses kids’ books, multimedia, and online programming for kids and also about children’s publishing in a blog currently hosted on School Library Journal‘s website

Sal’s Fiction Addiction  Reviews and more from a retired elementary school teacher and school librarian pointing up excellence in current publishing for children.

The Tiny Activist  The Tiny Activist collective approaches children’s books through the lens of centering marginalized communities to support educator and family access to books’ and other children’s media that empower them in the work of dismantling heteronormative white supremacy.

World Kid Lit  Literary translators Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp and Claire Storey lead a team of volunteers in finding, evaluating, and publicizing books for children and teens  translated from a variety of languages and cultures