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Book signing at the boothAbout Ellen Myrick, Chief Marketer and Extrovert for Publisher Spotlight
A twenty year book industry veteran, Ellen has marketed books at an independent bookseller, several publishers, a major distributor, and a national book review. She has been a frequent moderator and presenter at book industry conferences including the Audio Publishers Association Conference, the American Library Association and regional and state library and bookseller associations. Ellen has served on the boards of the Educational Paperback Association (now EBMA), the Audio Publishers Association and the Women’s National Book Association, and has served as the Judging Chair for the Audie Awards.

Myrick Marketing & Media, LLC provides marketing and publicity support to the book industry. With more than two decades in the book industry marketing ranging from the independent bookseller world to library marketing to a national book review and at a variety of publishers, we are uniquely positioned to target niche markets in ways that maximize both sales and visibility. Located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, we are also strategically close to Ingram, one of the world’s largest wholesalers.