About Us

About Publisher Spotlight

Publisher Spotlight is the consumer facing project of the book industry marketing and publicity support provided by Myrick Marketing & Media LLC. With more than two decades in the book industry our marketing ranges from the independent bookseller world to library collection developers and programmers to building and maintaining national book review access for a variety of independent publishers.  Myrick Marketing & Media is uniquely positioned to target niche markets in ways that maximize both sales and visibility. Located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, we are also strategically close to Ingram, one of the world’s largest book wholesalers.

Ellen Myrick, President and Chief Marketer  

Ellen Myrick has been working with children’s books, publishers, librarians, teachers, and professional conference exhibit promotions for more than 25 years. As a marketer, she knows the children’s book audience and how to match its interests in quality fiction, nonfiction, inclusive, and international choices from a stable of publishing clients, the mission of Publisher Spotlight. She has been a frequent moderator and presenter at book industry conferences including the Audio Publishers Association Conference, the American Library Association, and regional and state library and bookseller associations. Ellen has served on the boards of the Educational Paperback Association (now EBMA), the Audio Publishers Association, and the Women’s National Book Association, and has served as the Judging Chair for the Audie Awards.

Stacey Ashby, Vice President of Operations

Stacey Ashby has been working with Ellen and Publisher Spotlight from the Myrick Marketing & Media’s beginning. Stacey manages the business needs of coordinating and planning for both conferences and ongoing publicity work.



Veronica Thames, Marketing Manager

Veronica Thames comes to the Publisher Spotlight team with an interest in children’s books and publishing. A journalism graduate, she handles the coordination of many of our reviewers as well as contributing to various marketing channels both at and beyond conference exhibit support. Veronica creates marketing content for front list titles and coordinates submissions for book and media awards.


photo-francisca-goldsmithFrancisca Goldsmith, Consulting Librarian

Francisca Goldsmith has an extensive career in providing library services and managing library services and collections. She writes professionally in a broad number of categories. At Publisher Spotlight, Francisca handles social media and contributes knowledge and awareness of the changing landscape of children’s literacy and access to reading options. Francisca has been both a member and chair of many youth book and media award juries and gives regular professional presentations at conferences and workshops.


Emerson Heflin, Marketing Manager

Emerson Heflin is a recent university graduate who held a number of internships in content creation while in school. She handles publicity for many of our publishers and contributes to our social media presence. Emerson frequently works at conference locations as booth staff and logistics coordinator on site.



photo-mimi-rankinMimi Rankin, Marketing Manager

Mimi Rankin received her Master’s degree in Children’s Literature from the University of Reading. Her graduate research was in Cultural Authenticity in Hispanic Children’s Literature. Mimi comes to Publisher Spotlight with experience in non-profits, higher education, and recruiting. She works with several of our clients and frequently works at exhibit locations during conferences where our publishers’ materials are displayed and shared.


Carrie Oliva, Logistics

Carrie Oliva handles the shipping, receiving, sorting, and many other necessary details of a busy publicist’s office.